Lockdown Quotes !

As I was clearing up pictures on my phone, I found some  amazing quotes, particularly related to exercise and health. Sharing a couple of them here – For someone like me who has a PhD in excuses when it comes to exercise the above quote is perfect … how I wish excuses burnt calories :). … Read more Lockdown Quotes !

Lockdown Learnings #1

#LockdownTales With the world in a lockdown mode, many of us are learning news ways of living, re-discovering some old ways that are effective and even as we cope with an unseen attacker, we are also innovating. The following is a partial list of habits/learnings that I and many others should continue post-lockdown. Save, then … Read more Lockdown Learnings #1

Growing Up Mom #7 – Vegetables Vs Vedavalli

The picture below is of my beautiful mother eating a salad :):). The effort involved is clearly seen. She is totally pissed off with me because I forcibly feed her vegetables. To all my school friends and other friends out there, who are all ardent supporters of my mother see this for yourself. Left to … Read more Growing Up Mom #7 – Vegetables Vs Vedavalli

Walk in the Mall

Yesterday we went to the Ambience Mall as it started to rain when we went out for lunch to celebrate our “meeting” anniversary. We were going to a mall after ages, because most of our shopping happens online and we really don’t buy anything except essentials. We have enough clothes and gadgets and we are … Read more Walk in the Mall

Surya Namaskar after a year ! 

The last time I had done the Surya Namaskar was on September 7th 2016, With my upper arms in pain, I had stopped doing Yoga last year. I did just 10 Surya Namaskars in our hotel room at Luang Prabang, Laos to show solidarity with my dear friend Anu and her son Sid who were … Read more Surya Namaskar after a year ! 

I got a “Text” neck ! Are you next?

We went and met Dr. BharatInder Singh today. I have a lot of relief from the upper arm pain that I had due to the nerves in my neck getting compressed but I still don’t have full free movement of my right hand. The mistake is all mine, I haven’t been consistent in doing the … Read more I got a “Text” neck ! Are you next?

The road to “awesome” Wealth

Happy Diwali everyone .. and may the lights you lit on Diwali night continue to light up your year ahead. Did you buy new clothes ? Eat lots of sweets and burst many crackers? Maybe a few less “Lakshmi bombs” but more of the sparklers and rockets that shower sparkles of different colors. Did South … Read more The road to “awesome” Wealth

Work Life Im-balance

Am sure many read the title as Work life balance and assumed I had done a typo error …. No I haven’t. While most organizations have this as one of their “cultural” pillars, the reality is quite different. What is work life balance and why is it important ? I always say during my town … Read more Work Life Im-balance