Krishnan and I are living our life purpose through ShikshaDaan, it is the project of our lives.

ShikshaDaan was registered in 2012 and we have funded 3771 students as of Feb 2018. On April 10, 2015 Krishnan and I, along with my mother, have started a unique multi year driving yatra called the “ShikshaDaan Yatra”. We plan to visit every district in India and there are 676 of them :). The purpose is to identify good on-ground NGOs and educational institutions that we can partner with.

We also have a big hairy goal … To fund 1.25 crore people, just 1% of India’s population.

To get involved and to help us achieve this goal visit and also to know more about our unique “ShikshaDaan Yatra”.

Volunteer, mentor and donate to build India.

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  1. Ma’am..

    Could you please add a link to the yatra blog as well on this.. This page gets a lot of hits, and we should use that traffic to move to ShikshaDaan’s travel page…


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