Covid Time is Cooking Time too !!


Learn to cook… its a life skill. Today I made Pongal all by myself. So thrilled !


Lockdown Learnings #1

#LockdownTales With the world in a lockdown mode, many of us are learning news ways of living, re-discovering some old ways that are effective and even as we cope with an unseen attacker, we are also innovating. The following is a partial list of habits/learnings that I and many others should continue post-lockdown. Save, then … Read more Lockdown Learnings #1

Don’t Oppose cooking – Do OPOS cooking !

In Oct when we were at Hyderabad, Nisha came home to meet. We were making “bhindi” (okra) for lunch that day and suddenly Nisha asked Mom if she could make it …. Now, a few things that you should know about Nisha. Nisha is the daughter I would have had if I wanted to have … Read more Don’t Oppose cooking – Do OPOS cooking !

Non-stick cookware… Non-sticky relationships ?

Guess the delicacy on my plate :):):)     Some of you who grew up with grandmoms and are in my age bracket (40+) will be able to guess easily, but I doubt if the second generation after us can. This is Ragi flour mixed with curd and cooked in an iron “handi” (pan) … When … Read more Non-stick cookware… Non-sticky relationships ?