Who am I ? I have an easy definition for myself – I live and choose life every time. It means I love change, can’t stand routine, it means I love risk, not a dull moment, it means I love traveling, let’s me discover new places and people. Yes, you got it, am a handful and dealing with me is like holding a live wire and the only respite is when the power goes off every now and then, otherwise you are dealing with high voltage.

The centre of my universe is Krishnan, he is the electricity that illuminates me, he is the love of my life, my best friend and the only meaning of existence for me.


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  1. so u too a blogger..eh? good work dear..it was really nice going through the blogs..U have a way of telling things..keep it up.

  2. Just discovered this site and got a chance to read some of your stuff…its amazing. I guess the answer to it is simple…for me too writing is like therapy. In today’s timebound driven world its a great medium to express whats germinating in your mind. My fav being letters to your dad….its open those Iron doors to the past that you try to close.

  3. Loved your take on Mr Aiyer … He seriously needs an ‘ Opening dose ‘ it might relieve him of his constipated look 🙂

  4. Akka, if I am permitted to call you that, Kalakkinel 🙂 That letter to Mr Aiyar is a masterpiece !! Loved your style, the ever-polite-but-please-don’t-mess-with-me message embedded in it 🙂

  5. That was the Bindu we all knew from her days at Annanagar. This globe is still revolving and your writings truly amaze. Are you still in touch with Samir and the others who were master faculty!

  6. Bindu
    Masterpiece – the message to the ayyar or the gandhi family “aye”er… Wish to share with you my own Blog on why I declined the AAP south chennai ticket ; if you can send me a test mail- raja krishnamoorthy

  7. Hello Bindu
    Just read your “Letter to Mr. Aiyar. It is simply a match winning knockout punch. Mr. Aiyar would have taken weeks to recover up from the reeling shock this letter would have delivered. Really loved your subtle tone of words…..casting a lightning strike……!!

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