20th Month of 10K steps

I started October with an average of 12K steps a day… till we reached Chennai on the 18th. I was still able to maintain the average of 10K steps a day till the 27th. We did the Chennai to Hyderabad – A Train Journey and lost two days of walking my average number of steps.

I ended up with 16K steps as a shortfall for the monthly average on the 29th. I had to walk on average 15K steps on Oct 29, 30 and 31 to make up the deficit. On the 29th, we went to Koka’s place and then to his favorite food truck in order to get breakfast. Later in the evening, we went for our regular round of walking in Annupuram. I got to 14700 steps.

We visited Gaurav’s place on the 30th and I had managed to complete 13000 steps by the evening. I came back and walked another 2K steps inside the house. Was left with 16000 steps for the 31st.

In the morning today, we again went out for our walk in Annupuram. There is a nice loop of two parallel roads there which makes it easier to walk. We walked approximately 5000 steps in the morning, so the heavy lifting had to be done in the evening. After an awesome brunch at Shaku’s place, we again went out for an evening walk.

Rediscovered our sugar cane shop during the evening walk and having that slightly chilled fresh sugar cane juice was a huge energy booster. I was at 15K steps when we got back home. The last 1000 odd steps came from walking inside the house. In fact I ended up with 17K steps !!

10K Steps

Do read my earlier post on 10,000 Steps a Day, for 365 Days !! The health benefits are fantastic. The aches and pains are far lesser and while the weight is still to come off, the overall sense of well being is worth the effort.

So thrilled that I was able to keep up the 10K steps target for the 20th month in a row. Hoping to continue this habit for the rest of my life 😁.

#HealthIsWealth #KeepWalking

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