World Idli Day 2021 – Dedicated to Seenu Mama

Idli Chutney

World Idli Day 2021 is dedicated to Seenu Mama, who could eat idlis every single day without being bored. Hope his mother made the “vilayatu” idli for him.

Growing Up Mom #7 – Vegetables Vs Vedavalli

The picture below is of my beautiful mother eating a salad :):). The effort involved is clearly seen. She is totally pissed off with me because I forcibly feed her vegetables. To all my school friends and other friends out there, who are all ardent supporters of my mother see this for yourself. Left to … Read more

Growing up Mom #5

My father gave Mom a name – “Ba-Tu-Ta”, naming her after the great Chinese traveller who came to India during the reign of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. Amma’s name though is an acronym – “Ba” is written as “Pa” in Tamil script, the alphabet for Pa and Ba being the same and the context decides the … Read more