The secret garden..

One of the books that I read when I was in my teens was “The secret garden” by Frances Burnett which talks of a little girl, who loses both her parents and goes to live with her uncle, stumbling upon a locked up secret garden that she revives with the help of a little boy. Little did I know that nearly 30 years later, I will stay in a room called “The secret garden” 🙂

For Krishnan’s birthday we drove down to Gagar, a small village about 20 kms from Bhimtal and stayed at a resort aptly named “Soulitude”. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Krishnan cutting his birthday cake on 15th night… the team at Soulitude had baked a lovely chocolate cake.


The next day morning


The view of the resort from the garden and yes don’t miss mom in her green sari –


The living room in the resort .. With a sky light !


The beautiful views from the room and outside – the stunning Himalayan range became visible, the best gift for Krishnan’s birthday 🙂




We walked down to the Ramnagar market – it’s just a couple of stores, and a few eating places. Do eat at “Bhatt Ji”, the samosas and Paranthas are really good. The Jalebi from “Shivam sweets” is ok, not the best that
I have eaten. Krishnan liked it.



On 17th we went for a forest walk. Beautiful 2.5 kms easy walk and on the way back we took some pics.




Now the test :). Find the man made “thing” in this picture –


The drive is long even though it’s just 360 kms from Gurgaon. There is no road for nearly 6 kms just after turning at Rampur and on the way to Svaar. While going from Delhi you could stop at Bikanerwala, Gajraula for food and on he way back it’s better to stop at Sagar Ratna, about 25 kms before Gajraula. At Gajraula you have every fast food you may want – KFC, McD and Dominos. We bought fresh vegetables and fruits at Haldwani, they are far less priced than Gurgaon or Delhi and really fresh.

The resort is worth a visit as is Gagar. It’s quiet and really nourishing to the soul… Just beautiful.

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