Poornima – 2019 & 2020

moon over snowcapped mountain

Tracking the Poornima (Full moon) month after month :). The moon does make many people loony and I am no exception.

The Relationship Between Sugar and Carbs – Chowhound

The relationship between sugar and carbs: what you need to know. — Read on http://www.chowhound.com/food-news/263975/relationship-between-sugar-and-carbs/ Krishnan and I gave up on white sugar since 2018, or so we thought :). We only stopped adding sugar to our coffee and tea and naively assumed that we have given up on sugar. Our day started with coffee … Read more The Relationship Between Sugar and Carbs – Chowhound

New Normal Memories #1

#LockdownTales #ChineseCoronaVirus Today is day 44 of the lockdown in India and as the new normal is about to start changing yet again, am making notes to remember these days in the future. Some of the things we have experienced is so bizarre that it won’t seem real even a couple of years down the … Read more New Normal Memories #1