On an airplane – after 21 months !

Airplane Months

We got onto an airplane – after 21 months ! Jan 2020 was our last trip to Trivandrum for the Lakshadeepam festival at Padmanabhaswamy temple.

Arjuna – Lessons in Up-skilling and Re-skilling

  In the ongoing Mahabharata re-telecast, in an episode yesterday Guru Dronacharya constructs the Chakravyuha (a battle formation) in order to capture Yudhistra. The Kaurava strategy was to lure Arjuna away by getting the Susharma brothers to engage him in a duel. Arjuna falls prey to that strategy and keeps following the Susharma brothers who … Read more

New Normal Memories #1

#LockdownTales #ChineseCoronaVirus Today is day 44 of the lockdown in India and as the new normal is about to start changing yet again, am making notes to remember these days in the future. Some of the things we have experienced is so bizarre that it won’t seem real even a couple of years down the … Read more

Lockdown Innovations #2

This innovation comes all the way from Africa. The young nine-year old Stephen came up with a brilliant idea of washing one’s hands without touching a tap or the soap dispenser ! See the video at this link – https://www.facebook.com/285361880228/posts/10158650507610229/ There is a paddle that you step on and it flips the soap dispenser to dispense … Read more

Lockdown Innovations #1

There was this tweet recently from Anand Mahindra about an auto rickshaw which has been divided into four compartments so that no two passengers sit close to each other and everyone is able to maintain social distancing. Here is the link to the video – https://twitter.com/anandmahindra/status/1253621833850593281?s=20. I have always felt that we Indians handle crises very … Read more