What Happens to Your Body When You Walk 10,000 Steps Every Single Day

10000 steps

Read about the positive changes to your body When You Walk 10,000 Steps Every Single Day ! I have been at it since March 2020.

Iyengar Yoga, A “bucket list” item – Started

My Chitappa (Chachaji) has been with Guruji BKS Iyengar since 1989…. and he has tried in vain to influence everyone in the family to take up yoga except my father. Dad couldn’t go to Pune and learn from the institute but he did learn yoga from another master in Hyderabad and continued practising. When he … Read more Iyengar Yoga, A “bucket list” item – Started

Surya Namaskar after a year ! 

The last time I had done the Surya Namaskar was on September 7th 2016, With my upper arms in pain, I had stopped doing Yoga last year. I did just 10 Surya Namaskars in our hotel room at Luang Prabang, Laos to show solidarity with my dear friend Anu and her son Sid who were … Read more Surya Namaskar after a year ! 

What Yoga and Louise Hay can do ..

In Aug 2013, we went to Hampi along with Manish and Swati. Once there, we climbed the 600 steps to go and see Hanuman’s birthplace … How could we miss it, with Hanuman being Mom’s favorite God :). Climbing up was fine, but my knees gave way while climbing down. There was swelling around my … Read more What Yoga and Louise Hay can do ..

Fix the root cause !

Today’s science says the only way to get your teeth clean and have great smelling breath is to brush-floss-rinse with mouthwash preferably with a certain company’s brand … And then you will have no germ buildup. Continue eating all the junk you can lay your hands on and think all the junk thoughts, just use … Read more Fix the root cause !

Dude, what’s your responsibility ?

Virat Kohli, Ranbir Kapoor and many other celebrities promote Pepsi. Aamir Khan promoted coca-cola. Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan promote(d) Thumbs Up. … All of them are fitness freaks and also show off their six or eight packs. Not one of them could have got those packs if they had been drinking packs of any … Read more Dude, what’s your responsibility ?