Cat on the fence and a kitten in the tree !

A graceful cat and a cute kitten, caught during our morning walks. 😊


Growing Up Mom #7 – Vegetables Vs Vedavalli

The picture below is of my beautiful mother eating a salad :):). The effort involved is clearly seen. She is totally pissed off with me because I forcibly feed her vegetables. To all my school friends and other friends out there, who are all ardent supporters of my mother see this for yourself. Left to … Read more Growing Up Mom #7 – Vegetables Vs Vedavalli

Walk in the Mall

Yesterday we went to the Ambience Mall as it started to rain when we went out for lunch to celebrate our “meeting” anniversary. We were going to a mall after ages, because most of our shopping happens online and we really don’t buy anything except essentials. We have enough clothes and gadgets and we are … Read more Walk in the Mall

Day 29, part II – Andrassy Avenue

Sept 29, 2019 – Budapest, Hungary As we completed our walk on the Pest side and walked back to the metro station, we came upon this bunch of musicians who were playing for the marathon/cycling event. We got off at the Kalvin Ter thinking that we can make the switch to the M3 line, but … Read more Day 29, part II – Andrassy Avenue

Day 25 – Riverside Walk

Sept 25, 2019 – Vienna, Austria Today we decided to walk from our Airbnb to Schwedenplatz. The Metro comes almost in a straight line from Schwedenplatz and there are walking tracks on both sides of the river that is adjacent to the metro line. The added bonus was we could view a lot of street … Read more Day 25 – Riverside Walk

A Beautiful Day & a Stunning Evening

Amma, Krishnan and I were out for our morning walk yesterday and it was a nice crisp morning with a slight cool breeze. Even the pollution levels seemed average. I took a picture as the Sun was reddening the sky …. And then we spotted this long tailed bird and while I managed to take … Read more A Beautiful Day & a Stunning Evening

School in Vienna and School in India

The following picture is of a school in Vienna on the Graf Starhemberger Strasse. Around 2 pm when the school closed for the day, mothers have come to take their children back home. There is not a single child being taken home in a car. They are either walking or being taken on a cycle. … Read more School in Vienna and School in India

Day 5 – Retracing the Ring Tram Route

Sept 5, 2019 – Vienna, Austria The day didn’t start off too well … when I called Amma around 7.30 am I heard that she had fallen down coming from the bathroom with a small bucket of water. Padma had come home to see her. Amma was speaking normally but it took a while for me … Read more Day 5 – Retracing the Ring Tram Route

Our Annivesary 

This year we decided to spend our anniversary in Delhi and not travel as we usually do. We booked ourselves into a room at the Lutyens Bungalow, at 39, Prithviraj Road. The Lutyens Bungalow was built in 1937 and the Nath’s have been renting out rooms for the past 50 years. Within walking distance from … Read more Our Annivesary