Why AMEX will Never be Ex

AMEX cards

Basis our personal experiences with AMEX, as a customer I have highlighted the factors that have contributed to our becoming die-hard fans.


Expensive Lounge lessons

In Aug 2019, we got ourselves an Amex card that came with a free Priority Pass card. I have had an American Express card since 2002 and I will never stop being a customer of Amex as long as I live – they are my benchmark for customer service and I don’t have a single … Read more Expensive Lounge lessons

Zomato, Domino’s, Indigo & Urban Clap – Who do you serve?

On Diwali day, I had written a blog about junk food and as it always happens, we decided to eat Pizzas for lunch the very next day!! We got onto our trusted “Zomato” food ordering app and ordered pizzas from Domino’s. As soon as I completed the payment, I got a pop-up message saying the … Read more Zomato, Domino’s, Indigo & Urban Clap – Who do you serve?

A Dose of Reality – Why I love Amazon

Yesterday I ordered a book on I am a customer of the US Amazon store since 2006 and while I bought the Kindle when it was launched for India in Oct 2009, Krishnan and I moved to the Kindle app on the iPad for our reading fix. We haven’t bought more than 10 books … Read more A Dose of Reality – Why I love Amazon

The Mango boys are back!

We met them first in 2013 when we were in Bangalore and since then, they have become fast friends of ours. Every year when the Mango season begins, and they setup their stall, I get a call from them asking me when we are coming over. Read about them here – The Mango people. We never managed … Read more The Mango boys are back!

Faceless Facebook

The king of social media “Facebook” is faceless !! I have been on Facebook since 2009, and an active user since 2012. I probably started being an even more active user from 2015 onwards because we started our ShikshaDaan Yatra and the new ShikshaDaan website got launched which tracked our Yatra using the “Facebook” check-in … Read more Faceless Facebook

Dharani, you got us back to Club Mahindra…

We have been members of Club Mahindra for almost a decade now. We have stayed in more than 7 of their resorts across India. With the exception of a few occasions, one item that has been common to all our stay is that we always came away with a list of service issues, and hence … Read more Dharani, you got us back to Club Mahindra…

The curious cases of Netmeds and Safecart 

In Dec 2015, when we got stranded in the Chennai Floods, Mom ran out of her BP medicine. We tried several medical shops but they didn’t have that particular medicine which she had the prescription for. Finally, I decided to order online. Logged onto the Netmeds website, and gave my aunt’s address as the delivery … Read more The curious cases of Netmeds and Safecart 

The disconnected organisations…

Over the last couple of weeks I have had to face the consequences of two organisations functioning in a disconnected way, for whom I was a customer until recently. First, Future Generali India with whom we had insured our Skoda Yeti. The Yeti became a total loss vehicle in the Chennai floods of December 2015. … Read more The disconnected organisations…