House gone, Right under Grandma’s Nose !!

Priyanka Family

All sources of income for the CONfamily have dried up under this cruel Modi government. Now grandma-nose-wali Priyanka’s Lootyens house is gone too.


INDIA CHINA: EYEBALL-TO-EYEBALL — Insightful Geopolitics

Chinese Dragon

Do read this blog by “Insightful Geopolitics”. Its important that we understand why China is being belligerent. Also adding the link to Sonam Wangchuk’s amazing video message, where he exhorts us to show our “wallet” power by boycotting all “Made in China” products.

China Ko Jawaab | Sena degi bullet se, Naagrik denge wallet se

Are we prepared to let go of our apparent “savings” and not fund the Chinese army ? Krishnan and I stopped buying products marked “Made in China” a long time ago, except for the Apple products. Hopefully with Apple production shifting to India or elsewhere, we can continue buying them but not fund China.

Chinese goods have entered every market in every part of this world … as far back as 2002, when I visited London on work, I found shops selling tourist trinkets that were made in China. The US markets of course are totally inundated with products made in China. As recently as last year, we found Chinese goods in the supermarkets in Munich Germany. The famed German quality cannot give way to Chinese products but it seems to have !!

It will require a strong will across the entire world if we were to teach the Chinese government a lesson. Not an easy task. Like Sonam Wangchuk says, we have nothing against the Chinese people, their government has to be brought to book.

Time to get #VocalForLocal.

Do read the article below and follow Insightful Geopolitics, for further insights.


1,777 total views, 583 views today Presenting some of the events leading to India and China coming eyeball-to-eyeball at the highest battlefield in the world. China is a habitual offender and trespasses into the Indian territory regularly. Gerrymandering is a full-time occupation of Chinese junta. Why is China making these moves? Let us analyze. 5th May 2020,…

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Did you know what just happened ?

Coincidence, James Bond

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Osho Story #11 – Specially for PM Modi

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