The Earth


Read about Dragonflies and one that came visiting !

Enjoying the Lockdown !

#LockdownTales As we went to the vegetable and fruit shop inside our complex today in the morning, I found two stray dogs that live in our apartment complex enjoying the lockdown. They plonked themselves in the middle of the road with no fear of any car being out …. usually […]

Stunning Sunset

#LockdownTales #ChineseVirus I clicked these pictures from the window in Amma’s room at 6.30 pm…. Stunning Sunset. Clear skies and a silent city are the gifts this lockdown has brought with it. We now have time to listen to the birds chirping and not chirp ourselves. We can see the […]

Copper kills Coronavirus ?? Really ?

Do read the article by Mark Wilson –Copper kills coronavirus, why aren’t our surfaces covered in it? Copper kills coronavirus In China, it was called “qi,” the symbol for health. In Egypt it was called “ankh,” the symbol for eternal life. For the Phoenicians, the reference was synonymous with Aphrodite—the […]