Why AMEX will Never be Ex

Bindu and I have been using AMEX Cards for more than 18 years now.

While we have pondered over giving up other credit cards, the thought of giving up AMEX never occurs to us. This is despite the fact that not many merchant establishments in India accept the AMEX Card. But this is not a post about the reach and acceptance of AMEX in comparison to Visa and Master. It’s about the consistent, reliable and outstanding quality of customer service that we get from AMEX. In fact Bindu calls the AMEX Customer service line just to feel better ! Thats how good their service representatives are. Every single interaction with them has been pleasant and warm. Our queries or issues have been resolved in a single call, by the customer service rep without any escalation.

We all regularly deal with several service providers. Banks, Mobile and Telecom Service providers, Insurance Companies, DTH operators, hospitals, Government departments, PSUs etc. Our experience with these service providers are usually a mixed bag. Very few of them are consistently good or excellent. Most would be rated average to above average by us. Surprisingly, we have seen that our recent experiences with LIC of India, Canara Bank and the PF Authorities have been as good as our experience with AMEX.

What differentiates AMEX from other service providers?

  1. Less Attrition – Continuity of the team at all levels unlike the huge churn that we see with other service providers. When dealing with AMEX, I never get the feeling that I am dealing with someone new or an outsourced resource.
  2. Quality of team members – AMEX seems to recruit and retain competent and service minded people consistently.
  3. Training and Empowerment – No AMEX customer service rep has had to seek his manager’s help in any of our interactions. That speaks to their level of training. Also, the rep doesn’t hesitate to bring in a manager should there be a need. The managers are always available and if a callback is promised, we have received the callback every single time. Simple basic customer service rules are followed. The excellent training empowers the employee who interacts with the customer.
  4. Customer Centricity – When something goes wrong, most service providers hide behind these words “Our process is like this, we can’t change it!” or “Our backend systems are designed to protect you” or “its top management’s decision”. Even if what the customer asks for is logical and simple, its brushed aside. Haven’t heard those words in any phone call to the AMEX customer service line.

The above reasons is why AMEX will never become our EX :):).

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