Do it like “Pure-it”

We had bought the tiny 14 litre “Pure-it” water filter a couple of years back when I learnt during my yoga classes that its not safe to drink RO water as reverse osmosis makes the water acidic. Now that has been proven with every RO company launching jugs that turn water alkaline !!! So spend tons of money to make the naturally alkaline water acidic, then spend more money buying a contraption to turn it back into alkaline …. and yes, we are the most intelligent beings in the world.

Anyway, this isn’t about water, its about the awesome customer service from Unilever’s “Pure-it” team. I wanted the germ-kill kit to be replaced so I called the Pure-it customer service number yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised and a little concerned later that they knew my name and location without my ever giving it to them… wonder what sort of information is out there courtesy the internet. I told the customer service representative on the phone that I wanted the germ-kill kit to be replaced. He took down the request and said someone will get in touch with me today to get it done. He told me what it would cost and that was it. No fawning, no sweet words, none of the sugary sweet nothings – just got my issue resolved.

As expected, I got a text message from Pure-it saying if the kit is not replaced within 72 hours we will get it for free. The skeptical customer that I am, I wanted to wait till today to see if someone actually called me :). At 12 noon I got a call from the local representative saying he will come by 2 p.m and replace the kit. At 2 p.m exactly he was at the door and in the next 15 minutes, the kit was changed, I paid him and off he went.

Am I impressed ? heck, yes. Except for the American Express and Amazon’s customer service teams, I don’t like dealing with the customer service team. They waste time trying to be nice and never, ok, rarely get to the issue at hand. I end up getting frustrated and pissed off as I can clearly see where they are going wrong. The worst thing is when they hide behind, “this is our company policy” !! Many times I want to ask them – am I the customer or are you ? I am currently dealing with two service issues where am close to asking that question :).

The experience with “Pure-it” was easy, simple and without any drama. Its an inexpensive product and to get such a pleasant service was truly delightful. So all those folks out there who are serving customers – Do it like “Pure-it”.

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