Why AMEX will Never be Ex

AMEX cards

Basis our personal experiences with AMEX, as a customer I have highlighted the factors that have contributed to our becoming die-hard fans.


Why the constant followup, Mr. Mahindra ??

We have been members of Club Mahindra since 2006. In fact in 2006, the Club Mahindra Delhi office didn’t collect all our EMIs and I followed up with them to pay. The last EMI was collected in 2008 after I wrote an email to Mr. Anand Mahindra !! The above information is to provide context … Read more Why the constant followup, Mr. Mahindra ??

Am Ported to Jio :)

I don’t like the Reliance group and I don’t like the Ambani brothers – they haven’t personally affected me in any way but Mukesh Ambani building the “Antilla”, a 27 floor behemoth in the middle of Mumbai just doesn’t work for me. I don’t hold Reliance shares, I bought some briefly and then sold them … Read more Am Ported to Jio πŸ™‚

Listening – the first skill required for customer service

We are in Pune since Feb 28th and the fresh sugarcane juice that’s available in every nook and corner of this city is something that we both love. We try and drink atleast a cup of fresh juice everyday. As soon as we step out of the Airbnb that we are staying at, there is … Read more Listening – the first skill required for customer service

Customer Service – handling death

In the morning today, I got a call from Club Mahindra. The gentleman said he was calling from the Head Office. When I enquired what it was that he wanted to speak to Krishnan about, he said they have launched a great referral program and he wanted to explain its benefits. I told him that … Read more Customer Service – handling death

Forethought helps in going the extra mile

As part of our ShikshaDaan Yatra, we went to Vizag on May 14th. We had booked ourselves at Hotel Green Park. It’s a beautifully renovated property with loads of parking space. We had booked through Agoda and the reception desk at Hotel Greenpark was pleasant and welcoming, going through the process of allotting us the … Read more Forethought helps in going the extra mile

Celebrity Experience or Customer Experience ?

I have been a Big Basketeer long before Shah Rukh Khan became one… and its anyway quite a stretch to imagine that the King of Bollywood actually orders his own groceries, fruits and vegetables !!! But anyway, he promotes it and the promoters of Big Basket are burning big money for his endorsement. As a … Read more Celebrity Experience or Customer Experience ?

Operational Inefficiency = Unhappy customers

Many times, people assume that great customer service will keep customers happy and focus all their time in training their customer service executives. Yes, the customer service team faces the customer so they need to be well trained and can make a mess of the customer interaction or really delight the customer. But the real … Read more Operational Inefficiency = Unhappy customers