Book Review – Tathastu

Please download Usha’s first book “Tathastu”. It’s beautifully written and the proceeds go to Sevalaya, an amazing NGO in Chennai.


Control Dramas !

Celestine Insights

I am re-reading James Redfield’s “Celestine Prophecy” just to see if I find newer insights. I have read four books of his – The Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight, The Secret of Shambala and The Twelfth Insight. I like the entire series. I find a lot of ideas that are very practical and applicable to … Read more Control Dramas !

Book Review – Letters of a Bloodline, Maya’s Confession

I bought the book a day after it released, on March 1 but started reading it much later because I was reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” at that time … and was under its spell for nearly three weeks. Then I re-read  “Rebecca” before picking this one up. I read the first few pages and … Read more Book Review – Letters of a Bloodline, Maya’s Confession

Book Review – Persuader

After reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” and re-reading “Rebecca”, I had a reading lull for nearly a week. I would start a book and read a few pages, then go to another book, repeat the process :). Finally I decided to get a Jack Reacher novel so that it brings me back to my reading … Read more Book Review – Persuader

Book Review #27/50 – Rebecca

I have read this book a few times as am sure many fiction lovers have. A few days back, I was browsing through my Kindle library looking for the next book to read after the delicious “Gentleman in Moscow” and Rebecca popped up ! I re-read it and even though I knew the plot and … Read more Book Review #27/50 – Rebecca

Book Review 26/50 – A Gentleman in Moscow

I miss Count Rostov, Hotel Metropol, Nina, Sofia, Anna, Marina, Mishka, Emile, Andrey, IdleHour, the Boyarsky…. I miss reading this book. I want to know what happened to Sofia and to Count Rostov after the last page in the novel. I never thought I would come across a book that I felt should never end. … Read more Book Review 26/50 – A Gentleman in Moscow

Book Review #25/50 – Devil in Pinstripes

This is the 3rd book of Ravi Subramanian’s that I have read in quick succession. Have downloaded other books now so there will be a gap before I review another book of his. This book is again a good one to use for a classroom discussion on office politics, incentive programs and overbearing personalities as … Read more Book Review #25/50 – Devil in Pinstripes