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One’s reflection, a Life Lesson for all

All our PGPMAX reunions leave many of us in a happy stupor … just the way an amazingly delicious meal that you haven’t over-eaten does. This one was no different. Two days of the Thanksgiving weekend spent amongst friends, going back and forth between behaving as kids in […]


Reunite.. Reflect.. Re-energize!

Every year during the Thanksgiving weekend, the PGPMAX 2013 batch gets together…. and today our fourth reunion starts in a few hours. This year we are meeting in Delhi NCR, technically Gurgaon as the hotel happens to be in Gurgaon. While we started out thinking almost 50 of […]


Deja Vu … Remembering Term 2 at ISB

As we prepare for the fourth reunion of our PGPMAX batch, I came across an old post of mine about Term 2 at ISB. Term 2 for us was in the second week of September and I would write a blog at the end of each term. Reposting […]


Sharing by the seashore …. Reunion no. 2

On Nov 20 and 21 our PGPMAX batch got together for our reunion no. 2. We had met at Goa last year and this year it was at Chennai. That two years after the program ended, we still had 32+ people meeting is awesome. The count would have gone […]


Why doing an MBA late in life helps !!

In Sanskrit “Mani” means “jewel” and “Ved” means “sacred knowledge” …. Well, Ved Mani has the sacred knowledge and is one of the jewels of our PGPMAX class !! We didn’t like Ved much in Term 1 … Along with Arun, he was amongst the few that didn’t […]


Insincerity – MSD and Shashi Tharoor

Ah well, he is the king of timing… If only I had written this blog yesterday when I thought of writing it, he would still have been the captain of the Indian team :). MS Dhoni for long has been a favorite of mine … Many of my […]


Stay amazed with Prof Kale

Yesterday I was at ISB attending “Solstice”. I went too early so managed to catch up with Nishi and Geetu while waiting for Sanchita. I love the campus and it felt nice to be back. Once Sanchita came, we walked around the stalls and then got a foot […]


PGPMAX 2013 Reunion day !

We planned our first reunion in Goa and it started today… Interestingly for me, it started at home when Narayanan came home for breakfast. Courtesy a delayed flight we couldn’t spend a lot of time but we atleast we managed to bring each other upto date. The one […]


South Indian food + Bengali sweets = ISB dinner

Yesterday we had the NCR ISB classmates over for dinner and what an interesting evening it turned out to be ! I had initially said that we will not have children coming over as our house is not exactly child-friendly … A lot of furniture have sharp ends […]


The many thanks … Behind the MBA certificate

In Dec 2011 I applied for the ISB PGPMAX program … The same one that I graduated from on April 6th. I had to submit my original degree certificate if I got the admission. I was wondering how to get that … … And help came in the […]

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