Day 21 – Train-Bus-Train back to Vienna

Sept 21, 2019 – Zagreb to Vienna We had a really early morning train (7.00 am) so we got to the train station by 6.15 am. Mirko, our Airbnb host came by and helped us with the bags again. It was a little nippy in the morning so both of us wore our jackets. The … Read more Day 21 – Train-Bus-Train back to Vienna


Learning while doing Laundry !

Day 20 – Sept 20, 2019 Zagreb, Croatia Since we are leaving Zagreb tomorrow, we decided to get our laundry done at the laundromat near the Airbnb and later in the evening we went out to eat ice cream at a special shop. We went really early to the laundromat. We had collected enough coins … Read more Learning while doing Laundry !

Day 18 – Zagreb specials

Sept 18, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia Today we decided to discover all the specials in Zagreb – handmade shoes, handmade umbrellas, Nikola Tesla’s statue etc. We started after lunch because we also wanted to catch the gas lamps in the upper town getting lit. Our first stop was near the Meterological Column. The Meteorological column … Read more Day 18 – Zagreb specials

Day 17 – The World’s best Sir !

Sept 17, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia Yesterday during the walking tour of Zagreb, Krishnan had asked Vid, our tour guide about a cheese store called Gligora. We tried looking for it near the Dolac market as the map showed but couldn’t locate it. Vid told us all cheese stores and stores selling food items requiring … Read more Day 17 – The World’s best Sir !

Day 16 – City Tour of Stunning Zagreb

Day 16, Sept 16 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia. Today we went for the walking tour by Free Spirit walking tours. We walked upto the horseman statue and found a young man wearing an orange coloured T.shirt with Free Spirit Tours written on it. Nearly 50+ tourists gathered for this tour. The tour guide was Vid … Read more Day 16 – City Tour of Stunning Zagreb

Day 15 – Zagreb, an eyeful

Sept 15, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia We woke up rather late as the effort of lugging the smaller suitcase and the overnighter up two floors got us really tired. This Airbnb is noisier as it is bang on the main road and it reminds us of the Coles Road house that we rented in Bangalore … Read more Day 15 – Zagreb, an eyeful

Day 14 – Munich to Zagreb

Sept 14, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia   We left from Munich on the EC 113 train to Zagreb. I made Sabudana Khichadi in the morning as Anu likes it but Keshav doesn’t and he was off on his office trip. After breakfast, both Krishnan and I got ready, completed packing and left from home by … Read more Day 14 – Munich to Zagreb


Before my friends assume that this post is about how I have suddenly become a proper Tamilian whose meal is not complete without “curd rice” ….. it is NOT. 🙂 I like curds, I like Yoghurt (unsweetened), I like raita, Kadi, Morkozhambu and yes I like lassi once in a while but I still don’t … Read more Yoghurt-Joghurt-Curd….

Tomatoes – Vienna and Zagreb

Last year when we travelled to Germany, our first port of call was Hamburg. I asked our Airbnb host about buying some groceries and fruits nearby and she pointed us to an “Edeka” supermarket, a kilometre or so away. When we walked in there the first thing that caught my attention was vine-ripened, red tomatoes … Read more Tomatoes – Vienna and Zagreb