Day 25 – Riverside Walk

Sept 25, 2019 – Vienna, Austria Today we decided to walk from our Airbnb to Schwedenplatz. The Metro comes almost in a straight line from Schwedenplatz and there are walking tracks on both sides of the river that is adjacent to the metro line. The added bonus was we could […]

Day 9 – Vienna to Munich

Sept 9, 2019 – 2.49 pm Vienna time… Onboard the Rex 64 train. We left the Airbnb that we were staying at by 11.45 am. Vienna has been voted as the most liveable city in the world for the second year in a row and it certainly is very liveable […]


Before my friends assume that this post is about how I have suddenly become a proper Tamilian whose meal is not complete without “curd rice” ….. it is NOT. 🙂 I like curds, I like Yoghurt (unsweetened), I like raita, Kadi, Morkozhambu and yes I like lassi once in a […]