A Road Trip after 32 Months

Road trip - Sagar to Nagpur

Excited to be back on the National highways !! We started a road trip on March 28th and felt so proud to be driving on world class roads :).

Day 23 – Coaching with a view and a regular day in Vienna !

Sept 23, 2019 Woke up only by 6.20 even though I had set the alarm for 5 am. The following is the view from our Airbnb’s bedroom – Made Semiya Upma in the morning and did my first coaching call at 9.30 am sitting in the living room and looking out at this view. Then … Read more

Postcards from Vadodara to Pune – Day 3

On Feb 27th, we reached Vadodara and stayed the night there. We left the next morning for Pune. The Airbnb we had chosen at Vadodara was very close to the national highway so it was easy to exit in the morning. Once we got onto the highway, we were again faced with MASSIVE truck movement. … Read more

Harrowing drive, insipid hotel, mind-blowing transformation – Varanasi 2018

As part of our ShikshaDaan Yatra in May, we went from Allahabad to Varanasi on the 15th of May. First, getting out of Allahabad was a nightmare as we got into the market area where the already narrow road became even more narrower due to the pushcart vendors. I kept cursing as people drove recklessly, … Read more