Daily Gratitude

Balloons over Cappadoccia, Gratitude

What are you grateful for today ? I am thankful that we get organic grapes, my favourite fruit !!

The Cow Ghee Conundrum

For the past few years the most feared item on the Indian menu for the weight watchers, Ghee, has made a huge comeback. The comeback has been with a rider that one should only eat A2 cow ghee. I was not aware of any dairy farm in India where the original “desi” cows were not … Read more The Cow Ghee Conundrum

Turmeric Latte, Anyone ?

In 2018 when I had a bout of cough, my school friend Javed told me to drink milk with turmeric and poppy seeds (Khus Khus or Kasa Kasa) at night. I drank it for a couple of days and then forgot all about it because I don’t like hot milk at all. Then in Sept … Read more Turmeric Latte, Anyone ?

Poison we eat and Poison we breathe :(

Yesterday I had ordered bananas (Robusta) from Milk Basket. As soon as I peeled the first one I saw it was spoilt and rotten. From the outside the peel was even, not even yellow in colour but rotten inside. The only explanation is the use of artificial ripeners that make the fruit tasteless and rotten … Read more Poison we eat and Poison we breathe 🙁

Day Trip to Ljubljana & Lake Bled – part 1

Sept 19, 2019 – Day 19 Ljubljana, Slovenia A couple of days back we had booked our day trip to Ljubljana (pronounced as Lyublyana), the capital of Slovenia and Lake Bled through Free Spirit Tours. This was a small group tour in a car and that worked just fine for us. We had planned it … Read more Day Trip to Ljubljana & Lake Bled – part 1

Day 17 – The World’s best Sir !

Sept 17, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia Yesterday during the walking tour of Zagreb, Krishnan had asked Vid, our tour guide about a cheese store called Gligora. We tried looking for it near the Dolac market as the map showed but couldn’t locate it. Vid told us all cheese stores and stores selling food items requiring … Read more Day 17 – The World’s best Sir !

Pastries? Nah…

It all started with an article that I read about the number of plastic shampoo bottles that we throw out and how replacing them with shampoo bars makes environmental sense. I like to do my bit in avoiding plastic and have made several changes like carrying cloth bags with me at all times, switching to … Read more Pastries? Nah…

Summer Fruits

The only thing I like summers for is Mangoes …. the King of fruits. This summer we got amazing Himayat (aka Imam Pasand), Banganapalli, Alphonso and Dussehri so far. Ofcourse all chemical residue free or organic from EatRightBasket or Farmer Uncle. The Imam Pasand from EatRightBasket was mouth watering – utterly sweet and very addictive … Read more Summer Fruits