Day 15 – Zagreb, an eyeful

Sept 15, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia

We woke up rather late as the effort of lugging the smaller suitcase and the overnighter up two floors got us really tired. This Airbnb is noisier as it is bang on the main road and it reminds us of the Coles Road house that we rented in Bangalore where the bikes and cars wouldn’t stop right through the night.

We just ate some bread with Hummus from Al Natura (Munich) for breakfast … I want to buy a kilo of that hummus to take back with us. It’s the best hummus we have eaten ever. At 12 noon, we went out to the Dolac market, just behind the Horseman statue at the main square. It was a delightful market with unbelievably fresh produce. We bought staples like tomatoes, potatoes and onions and I got a huge cauliflower and our favorite sweet potato. I bought bananas and peaches as well. I wanted to get the colorful capsicums, but the vendor said “goodbye” to me as I tried to select the capsicums and he wasn’t allowing that J. Then the lemon vendor asked us if we were from Israel and we said no, we were from India and he said “India is great”. How can we disagree ?

The Dolac market –

It’s a everyday farmers market that opens early in the morning by 5.30 or 6 am and goes on till 2 pm in the afternoon. When we went at 12.20 pm, many stalls were running out of their produce. We plan to go once early in the morning to see how the market is. Vegetables and fruits are inexpensive and really fresh.

The main Square called the Horseman Square
The daily farmer’s market called Dolac Market which is just behind the Horseman Statue or the main square

After getting some of the vegetables and fruits we started walking towards the St. Peter’s church and then used google maps to locate the SPAR supermarket. We were just 400 meters away. While walking towards that, we saw hundreds of bikers revving their engines and took a short video of it. Don’t know if it was some kind of rally or just Sunday fun. All the shops except a pharmacy and some supermarkets like the SPAR are open on Sundays.


Some sort of band was playing in front of the St Peter’s church
St. Peter’s church… its a magnificent cathedral
Some sort of motorbike rally that was starting from near the main square


We got milk and yoghurt at SPAR and also a lassi like drink called Kefir. The Kefir drink was really thick so we diluted it a bit with water and it tasted just like salted lassi. When I read online about kefir grains I realized they are a natural probiotic and also available in India. Must go back and try some.

We got back to the Airbnb and I made biriyani for lunch. Slept for an hour after lunch and then went out for another walk. We saw the palace that is now an art museum, the horse-shoe gardens and the Burger festival along the way. Zagreb is lit up beautifully and totally safe so we walked till nearly 9.30 and then got back to the room. Tomorrow we plan to do the walking tour of Zagreb at 11 am.

The palace that is now an art museum, right across from the Railway Station. The statue is of King Tomislav
The stunning main railway station – Glavni Kolodvor, Zagreb
A tram going past the railway station
A steam engine kept on display on the right hand side of the Glavni Kolodvor


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