Chennai to Hyderabad – A Train Journey

In 1996 when we booked a train ticket from Chennai to Hyderabad, we were a “no show” because we had just gone bankrupt ! Since then ofcourse we have travelled to Chennai and Hyderabad separately but never booked a train journey from Chennai to Hyderabad !! This time too we had to change our plans … Read more

Day 30 – Budapest to Vienna … and back home

Sept 30, 2019 – Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria We had to take the 9 am RejioJet bus from the Kelenfold station to get back to Vienna. We decided to take a Bolt taxi rather than use the metro. We got out early by 7.30 a.m and booked a Bolt taxi. The taxi took a … Read more

Day 4 – Evening stroll & a hot chocolate

Sept 4, 2019 – Austria, Vienna One of the things in Europe that we miss in India are the wide sidewalks. I have been contemplating on starting a campaign to reclaim the sidewalks in India …. we also have wide sidewalks, but they are filled with small vendors, pushcarts, cycles, bikes and the small cars … Read more

Day 3 – Walking Tour of Vienna

Sept 3, 2019 – Vienna, Austria Ever since Ganesh introduced us to the London Walks last year, we have figured out walking tours in all the European countries that we have visited since. Vienna too has several walking tours – we chose to go with “Good Vienna Tours”. Its a free tour which means you … Read more

Day 1&2 – Settling in

Sept 1 and 2 – Vienna, Austria We reached Vienna late at night on Aug 31st. While the flight over was uneventful, we made the mistake of taking the City Airport Train (CAT) to the city centre instead of a regular Rejio Jet to the Hauptbahnhof (Central station). Sometimes overconfidence gets you into trouble … … Read more

Solo Driver … Pune to Gurgaon

As many of you know, Krishnan had a health scare when we were in Pune in March. Initially the doctors advised him against driving, so we started looking at backup plans to drive the car back to Gurgaon. Subbu and Kabir offered to come over to Pune and drive the car back with me while … Read more

Germany Day 6 – Bit by a wasp and Krishnan’s non-verbal skills tested

Thursday Sept 6, 2018 Berlin to Prague We had decided to leave two of our suitcases at the luggage locker in Prague rather than carrying them to the Airbnb that we had booked there. I had accordingly repacked the suitcases. In the morning I quickly made the OPOS Khichadi before packing the induction stove and … Read more