A Pre Diwali Evening

Diwali lights

A couple of pictures from the twilight hour as the Diwali lights come up in buildings and houses … a beautiful sight.

Day 20 – Ice cream, Burek & an art Gallery !

Sept 20, 2019 Evening – Zagreb, Croatia In the morning we had done the laundry and re-packed all the bags so that none of them was individually too heavy. Post lunch we went out for a walk and also to eat ice cream at Vincek, a place that Krishnan had discovered. We first went out … Read more

Day 15 – Zagreb, an eyeful

Sept 15, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia We woke up rather late as the effort of lugging the smaller suitcase and the overnighter up two floors got us really tired. This Airbnb is noisier as it is bang on the main road and it reminds us of the Coles Road house that we rented in Bangalore … Read more

5 countries – one more off the list @ 50

On my list of 50 things to do this year as I turned 50 was visiting 5 countries. We managed to do that during our September trip. Usually we end up spending time in one country or a couple of countries at best, but when we travelled to Europe last year, we realised that we … Read more

Day 4 – Ring Tram and Soaking in Yves Netzhammer’s work

Sept 4, 2019 – Vienna, Austria We decided to take the Ring Tram ride today. Its an interesting 20 to 25 minute ride that our walking tour guide had mentioned yesterday. It starts from Schwedenplatz and goes around the ring road with an audio guide calling out all the important buildings. We reached the Schwedenplatz … Read more

The morning walk stories – Lucknow

Mom and I have been going for our morning walks around the hotel in Lucknow and have come across interesting things everyday. For starters, there are no rules for drivers, vehicles come in all directions. While that is the case in almost every city in India, its heightened here. The roads are wide, atleast in … Read more