Postcards From Madurai


Some glimpses of everyday life from Madurai. We visited the city during Dec 17 to 21, 2022. The capital of the Pandya Kingdom is a flourishing city today !

Day 26 – Finding the man with a fish bowl

Sept 26, 2019 – Vienna, Austria I had bought a body cream jar from “Rituals” the last time we were there. When I took it out to pack, I realised that the lid was cracked. So we decided to complete the packing in the morning and then go over to Mariahilfer street again to the … Read more

Day 25 – Riverside Walk

Sept 25, 2019 – Vienna, Austria Today we decided to walk from our Airbnb to Schwedenplatz. The Metro comes almost in a straight line from Schwedenplatz and there are walking tracks on both sides of the river that is adjacent to the metro line. The added bonus was we could view a lot of street … Read more

Day 18 – Zagreb specials

Sept 18, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia Today we decided to discover all the specials in Zagreb – handmade shoes, handmade umbrellas, Nikola Tesla’s statue etc. We started after lunch because we also wanted to catch the gas lamps in the upper town getting lit. Our first stop was near the Meterological Column. The Meteorological column … Read more

Day 6, Vienna – Naschmarkt & Belvedere Palace

Sept 6, 2019.. Day 6, Vienna On this day we decided to walk to Karlsplatz from our Airbnb. Google maps said it was just 1.6 or 1.7 kms away. I made Millet Pongal for breakfast alongwith sweet potato vatha kozhambu. After breakfast, we went down to start our walk towards Karlsplatz. Just as we stepped out of … Read more

Day 4 – Ring Tram and Soaking in Yves Netzhammer’s work

Sept 4, 2019 – Vienna, Austria We decided to take the Ring Tram ride today. Its an interesting 20 to 25 minute ride that our walking tour guide had mentioned yesterday. It starts from Schwedenplatz and goes around the ring road with an audio guide calling out all the important buildings. We reached the Schwedenplatz … Read more