Would it or Would it Not …. Rain?

Giant Wave, Cloud

The sky has been overcast for nearly the whole day… just started to rain, but we are praying for the rains to pour :). Heat + Humidity is unbearable.

Day 16 – City Tour of Stunning Zagreb

Day 16, Sept 16 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia. Today we went for the walking tour by Free Spirit walking tours. We walked upto the horseman statue and found a young man wearing an orange coloured T.shirt with Free Spirit Tours written on it. Nearly 50+ tourists gathered for this tour. The tour guide was Vid … Read more Day 16 – City Tour of Stunning Zagreb

Day 15 – Zagreb, an eyeful

Sept 15, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia We woke up rather late as the effort of lugging the smaller suitcase and the overnighter up two floors got us really tired. This Airbnb is noisier as it is bang on the main road and it reminds us of the Coles Road house that we rented in Bangalore … Read more Day 15 – Zagreb, an eyeful

Day 6, Vienna – Naschmarkt & Belvedere Palace

Sept 6, 2019.. Day 6, Vienna On this day we decided to walk to Karlsplatz from our Airbnb. Google maps said it was just 1.6 or 1.7 kms away. I made Millet Pongal for breakfast alongwith sweet potato vatha kozhambu. After breakfast, we went down to start our walk towards Karlsplatz. Just as we stepped out of … Read more Day 6, Vienna – Naschmarkt & Belvedere Palace

A true “Kalam”kari..

I have always been fascinated with Kalamkari sarees, but I didn’t know someone who could source a genuine pen (kalam) Kalamkari. I bought my first Kalamkari saree at the Hyderabad airport as we went for our Cambodia trip in 2014, but that was block printed. Then I got a screen printed one which I didn’t … Read more A true “Kalam”kari..

Parrot or Parakeet ? :)

Since August this year, we have had a family of 5 green parrots (or parakeets) making their way to our neighbour’s balcony. They screech across from the tower opposite ours to the tower that’s adjacent and then more recently two of them have started to sit on the air conditioner in our neighbour’s balcony. I … Read more Parrot or Parakeet ? 🙂

Scotland Day 3 & 4 – Swimming, Cycling, Ice Cream and Fireworks!!

Aug 26th (Sun) and Aug 27th (Mon) 2018 – Edinburgh It was completely a chance happening that we chose to come to Edinburgh when Sriman and Kiran had a day off on Monday due to the Bank holiday. So we got to spend good time together on Sunday and Monday. Sunday is the day that … Read more Scotland Day 3 & 4 – Swimming, Cycling, Ice Cream and Fireworks!!

A message on love…

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas !! If there was a central message that Jesus Christ had, it was love… and so, here’s an excerpt from Osho’s book “The wild geese and the water” about love. Osho always spoke about rising in love rather than falling in love and in this excerpt he speaks about love … Read more A message on love…