The First Rataul

First Rataul

This year we got to taste our first Rataul. The taste is somewhat similar to Rumani and it has a distinct aroma… And its oh so SWEET !

Day Trip to Ljubljana & Lake Bled – part 1

Sept 19, 2019 – Day 19 Ljubljana, Slovenia A couple of days back we had booked our day trip to Ljubljana (pronounced as Lyublyana), the capital of Slovenia and Lake Bled through Free Spirit Tours. This was a small group tour in a car and that worked just fine for us. We had planned it … Read more

Day 17 – The World’s best Sir !

Sept 17, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia Yesterday during the walking tour of Zagreb, Krishnan had asked Vid, our tour guide about a cheese store called Gligora. We tried looking for it near the Dolac market as the map showed but couldn’t locate it. Vid told us all cheese stores and stores selling food items requiring … Read more

Finally a “Malgoa” and a “Mallika” – Mango season 2018

This year the Mango season started rather late for us – just yesterday. Till we get to eat Mangoes chosen by our Mango boys in Bangalore, it never feels like the season has started. Last year they had sent the mangoes to us in Chennai and we met them in Bangalore too – The Mango boys … Read more

Latif, what if…

One of the extraordinary benefits of travelling is that you get to meet people across different sections of the society. From the Principal of a college to a Paanwala. From a teacher to a Taxiwala. From a father, a hand loom weaver who is keen to get his son educated to a Fruitwala. And you … Read more

A chemical cocktail .. Everyday

What do you see in the picture below –     A bowl of fresh peas ? Well, this is dried yellow peas that have been coloured green :(. This is something eaten nearly everyday in Andhra, Telegana and TamilNadu as part of regular dishes. I bought these thinking I will use them to make pulao … Read more