How Nature Has Healed During Lockdown and What We Can Do to Preserve It

A barren landscape laid to waste, without a shred of greenery is the beginning of most post-apocalyptic movies and novels. Perhaps that is the most predominant fear in our subconscious mind. Over the last century and a half, we as a species have devastated the planet and have exploited its natural resources. Just a few … Read more How Nature Has Healed During Lockdown and What We Can Do to Preserve It

Glad that BJP lost Delhi

Disclaimer : Don’t let the title fool you. I remain a huge fan of Mr. Modi irrespective of what happens in any poll. For me he is the greatest Prime Minister India has known and will know in a long long time. Yes, Lal Bahadur Shastri ji didn’t get enough time in the role otherwise … Read more Glad that BJP lost Delhi

Sweeping up a Dust Cloud !!

For breakfast today Latha took us to Sangeetha’s on G.N.Chetty Road. We enjoyed the food and felt happy after the meal as we also managed to catch up with Latha. Since the restaurant is really close to our Airbnb, we decided to walk both ways. As soon as we got out of the restaurant after … Read more Sweeping up a Dust Cloud !!

The Gifts of Pollution …

Last Saturday, Nov 30th, I was supposed to be in Pune for my MBA batch’s annual reunion. I woke up with fever, cold and cough. The fever was so bad that I was almost clueless how the day went by. Obviously I canceled my trip. My mother made all sorts of herb decoctions and I … Read more The Gifts of Pollution …

Poison we eat and Poison we breathe :(

Yesterday I had ordered bananas (Robusta) from Milk Basket. As soon as I peeled the first one I saw it was spoilt and rotten. From the outside the peel was even, not even yellow in colour but rotten inside. The only explanation is the use of artificial ripeners that make the fruit tasteless and rotten … Read more Poison we eat and Poison we breathe 🙁

Understanding Delhi’s SMOKE Season

The above pictures were sent by a school friend who is refusing to come to Delhi till these numbers come down and the following blog is written by another school friend of mine who doesn’t want to be named … I have good friends 🙂 1. Every year from end Oct to Nov, large plains … Read more Understanding Delhi’s SMOKE Season

The Mask is slipping Mr. Kejriwal

I fished out an article by The Print (belongs to the famous chameleon fence sitter Shekhar Gupta) that is a report card on the Yugpurush CM of Delhi. The link to the article is – I took two excerpts from this report card – I want the “masked” Delhiites and some of Kejriwal’s slowly “die-hard” … Read more The Mask is slipping Mr. Kejriwal

School in Vienna and School in India

The following picture is of a school in Vienna on the Graf Starhemberger Strasse. Around 2 pm when the school closed for the day, mothers have come to take their children back home. There is not a single child being taken home in a car. They are either walking or being taken on a cycle. … Read more School in Vienna and School in India

Pollution – first hand experience

Every year, we get our air-conditioners serviced. We live in Delhi NCR, the most polluted city in the world or almost there ! We have to service our air-conditioners atleast thrice in a year. Every time the filter is removed and washed – the bathroom has residue of a tar like substance that has to … Read more Pollution – first hand experience

Live and Travel Sustainably… #BeatPlasticPollution #ConserveWater

We were on a 26 day road trip through Lucknow-Allahabad-Varanasi-Patna-Gaya as part of our ShikshaDaan Yatra. Even as we were confirming our hotel bookings, the first thing we checked with all the hotels is whether they have filtered or RO water and insisted that we would want our water bottles to be filled. Every single … Read more Live and Travel Sustainably… #BeatPlasticPollution #ConserveWater