The Gifts of Pollution …

Last Saturday, Nov 30th, I was supposed to be in Pune for my MBA batch’s annual reunion. I woke up with fever, cold and cough. The fever was so bad that I was almost clueless how the day went by. Obviously I canceled my trip. My mother made all sorts of herb decoctions and I took a paracetamol tablet after dinner, and so by 1.30 am (midnight) the fever went away.

The back of my throat felt like it was on fire because I had this strange burning sensation. Anyway, the next day the cold and cough had taken over and I kept visiting the bathroom to blow my nose. My nose had become red with all the wiping :(. In the next couple of days, the cold persisted and as Koka, my cousin says, by the second day the cold doesn’t reduce, but you get used to it ! The cough which was initially a productive cough started becoming a dry cough and on Thursday I had these racking coughs which left me feeling like someone was trying to pull something from my lungs. After Krishnan and Amma almost threatened me, I went and saw the doctor on Friday. Dr. Nehal Vora has prescribed a few oral medicines and has asked me to use a nebulizer. She said this was a gift of pollution, a non-infectious allergic cough !

The entire month of November and the first week of December has been terrible for all three of us …. first Amma got a cough that wouldn’t go for a month, then Krishnan’s sciatica flared up, besides a sore throat and now I am paying my dues.

Mr. Prakash Javadekar, the Environment Minister though says the following –

Would request the Environment minister to get out of his “artificially purified air” environment and then comment !

Its sad that a great Prime Minister like Mr. Modi is saddled with idiots who spout nonsense as wisdom. The PM needs to urgently look at finding a sensible person to lead the Environment ministry and Mr. Prakash Javadekar can continue breathing the foul air of Delhi without any air purifier or a mask.

I am not letting the YugPurush CM of Delhi off the hook either – Mr. Kejriwal has loads to answer as well. He can’t absolve himself of the mess he has brought about with his “(mis)governance”. Delhi looks exactly like his brain and heart – addled and filthy. Now with winters setting in, the homeless will burn anything they can lay their hands on, which will only lead to more smog and a terrible poisonous mix that we will all breathe in.

Am also not letting Mr. Khattar off the hook … Gurgaon is supposedly the millennium city but the air is toxic and the roads are breaking apart. While I appreciate the clean government that Mr. Khattar has provided and will continue to provide, the pollution issue is just not a priority for him. Unacceptable.

We are seriously considering a move out of Delhi, atleast for a few years. Its not a happy option for us as we love this place, but we need to be healthy to enjoy Delhi and currently that’s just not possible.

#PollutionKills #DelhiNCRToxic

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