Glad that BJP lost Delhi

Disclaimer : Don’t let the title fool you. I remain a huge fan of Mr. Modi irrespective of what happens in any poll. For me he is the greatest Prime Minister India has known and will know in a long long time. Yes, Lal Bahadur Shastri ji didn’t get enough time in the role otherwise … Read more Glad that BJP lost Delhi

Soap operas don’t make good governments !

My sympathies for those who voted for a TV channel to become the Delhi Government … And remember I did hope sincerely for Arvind to do well. Here’s my blog the day AAP won Delhi bewitched .. The broom sweeps Am pasting a picture of my last paragraph again from that blog –     Well, Arvind … Read more Soap operas don’t make good governments !

Incredulous India – Suicide of compassion

Today morning, a father threw a son out of the house in a fit of rage …. It happens all the time, but this time, the son chooses to climb a tree and hang himself :(. Again, it happens. But what doesn’t happen is the father seeing his son alive one moment and the next … Read more Incredulous India – Suicide of compassion

Delhi “bewitched” – The broom sweeps !

So Arvind Kejriwal does it yet again, and you have to hand it to him – in style :). Like I have written many times I like him as a person, but I still feel he is surrounded by snakes and he needs a strong partner who has the administrative skills. Hopefully somebody will emerge … Read more Delhi “bewitched” – The broom sweeps !

Remembering rampage, inconvenience, lawlessness

This incident happened when I was in my second year of college. Dad was posted in Jamnagar and I was studying in Hyderabad. So during holidays I went to Jamnagar and this happened on the return trip. I was in a reserved compartment and we were all about to go to sleep when the train … Read more Remembering rampage, inconvenience, lawlessness

AAP कहाँ जा रहे हो ???

When the Delhi government formation drama was being enacted one of my friends sent this joke. A boy insists he wants to eat a lizard. The parents try and convince him, his sisters try, grandparents try but he continues to insist that he will eat a lizard. They finally call the family guru. He tries … Read more AAP कहाँ जा रहे हो ???

49 day drama … An opportunity lost

When the Jantar Mantar Anna fasts were held, the mood was nearly like the independence movement – everyone excited about exposing corruption in high places. Arvind Kejriwal burst onto the national platform as the master strategist, organizer and activist. Then Congress threw the gauntlet much like Shakuni using Yudhistra’s weakness for the game of dice … Read more 49 day drama … An opportunity lost