Scindia – a troubled legacy

Holi this year seems to have drained the color off some faces and added a myriad hues to some other faces !! With Jyotiraditya Scindia meeting the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the BJP party President, its obvious that he is planning to join the BJP. That he was Rahul Gandhi’s “friend” made no difference … Read more Scindia – a troubled legacy


Glad that BJP lost Delhi

Disclaimer : Don’t let the title fool you. I remain a huge fan of Mr. Modi irrespective of what happens in any poll. For me he is the greatest Prime Minister India has known and will know in a long long time. Yes, Lal Bahadur Shastri ji didn’t get enough time in the role otherwise … Read more Glad that BJP lost Delhi

This Day, That Year

Today is Krishnan’s birthday and we celebrated it with his favourite food and of course ice cream. He has stayed away from ice cream for almost six months now so a little indulgence is just fine. Mr. Modi made his day even more special by sending him birthday wishes on email …. and made me … Read more This Day, That Year

Kumbh 2019 – Report 1

We reached the Kumbh village by 11.45 am a full two hours late 😀. Vandana reached ten minutes before us. We took the Poorvottar express last night and it reached Prayag Raj a full 1.5 hours late. But one look at the Prayag Raj station and some of our irritation went out – it was … Read more Kumbh 2019 – Report 1

#WhyISupportModi #9 – Unmanned crossings

As I write this blog, six people have been killed in a derailment accident in Bihar two days back. Condolences to the families of the bereaved and its unfortunate that such an accident even happened. Am sure the Railways will find the root cause and fix the issue. With the general elections looming over us, … Read more #WhyISupportModi #9 – Unmanned crossings

#WhyISupportModi #6 – Evictions in Lutyens Delhi

Krishnan and I celebrated our 2017 anniversary in Delhi, staying in a place called “Lutyens Bungalow” or the “Nath Guesthouse” on Prithviraj Road. As we walked to Lodhi Gardens and around the Aurangzeb Lane (Yeah, just the road got renamed, not the lane) and Rajesh Pilot marg (who contributed a lot more to India than … Read more #WhyISupportModi #6 – Evictions in Lutyens Delhi

#WhyISupportModi #5 – Integrating the North East

I studied classes 7th to 9th at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Happy Valley, Shillong. This was between 1980 to 1983 and Shillong was truly heaven. My friends and I walked to school many days, through tiny streams, through walking paths picking berries and not falling sick for a single day ! We walked everywhere because there were … Read more #WhyISupportModi #5 – Integrating the North East

#WhyISupportModi #4 – NPA to PA

The last month of 2018 has been special for many reasons, but for me, seeing the following tweets from Vijay Mallya was particularly heart warming. The man who mocked the Indian jails and the Indian government while enjoying the protection of the UK government suddenly becomes a law abiding citizen and wants to return the … Read more #WhyISupportModi #4 – NPA to PA

Opportunities as BJP loses MP and Chattisgarh

Disclaimer – I am a die-hard Modi fan and some folks will go to the extent of calling me a Bhakt, but I am not because am not blind to things that go wrong. I am not a fan of the party Mr. Modi belongs to but I will not support CONgress ever. I have … Read more Opportunities as BJP loses MP and Chattisgarh

Democracy’s new spelling – Demo-CON-Crazy

On Monday the man who will take oath in Kar-Natak-ah is someone whose party lost 116/222 seats they contested in. He is supported by a party whose history started undemocratically with the first Prime Minister of this country being nominated rather than elected… and the rest as they say is “HIStory”. By the time I … Read more Democracy’s new spelling – Demo-CON-Crazy