Surprised by the Stones !

Chana Stones

Sad to find a stone in our morning nibble of roasted chana ! The brand is called “Surprise” but we werent happy with the surprise.

Sweeping up a Dust Cloud !!

For breakfast today Latha took us to Sangeetha’s on G.N.Chetty Road. We enjoyed the food and felt happy after the meal as we also managed to catch up with Latha. Since the restaurant is really close to our Airbnb, we decided to walk both ways. As soon as we got out of the restaurant after … Read more Sweeping up a Dust Cloud !!

Waved out the Microwave

We bought a microwave 15 years back and ever since then, it has been an important appliance in the kitchen. I initially used it just to reheat stuff, then to cook rice. Then I figured out I could steam vegetables in it and then discovered roasting papad and “vadaam” without oil. All was well till … Read more Waved out the Microwave