The Credit Stealers!

credit stealers

The credit stealers not only take credit for your work, they also steal your ideas ! Before you realise, someone has already walked away with the rewards.


Reducing Toxic Chemicals at Home

For many years now, I would have a standing order every month for toilet fresheners – Odonil or Aer or some new product like the Domex powder. Then I read about how toxic all of them are ! I knew about the room fresheners and I would insist with the hotel staff when we travelled, … Read more Reducing Toxic Chemicals at Home

The Gifts of Pollution …

Last Saturday, Nov 30th, I was supposed to be in Pune for my MBA batch’s annual reunion. I woke up with fever, cold and cough. The fever was so bad that I was almost clueless how the day went by. Obviously I canceled my trip. My mother made all sorts of herb decoctions and I … Read more The Gifts of Pollution …