Osho on Astrology

Osho - Astrology

Some excerpts from Osho’s book Astrology – the Science of Cosmic Oneness. Its a short book and strangely enough we didn’t find it earlier.

How Nature Has Healed During Lockdown and What We Can Do to Preserve It

A barren landscape laid to waste, without a shred of greenery is the beginning of most post-apocalyptic movies and novels. Perhaps that is the most predominant fear in our subconscious mind. Over the last century and a half, we as a species have devastated the planet and have exploited its natural resources. Just a few … Read more

The True Eco-Warriors – Rewarded

We were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Padma awards this year as we knew that there would be several “unknown” greats that the awards will honour. This is one of the truly commendable changes brought about by the Modi Government. Except for a few of the Padma awards going to some celebrity or political … Read more

Climate Change? No just Mother Nature having fun !!

The last week was scorching… the week before that was also scorching …. the week before that was also scorching ! On April 4th the weather was really pleasant and on April 5th winter turned into summer overnight. Last week one of the days the temperature in Delhi reached 48 DEGREE CENTIGRADE. Four people died … Read more