How Nature Has Healed During Lockdown and What We Can Do to Preserve It

A barren landscape laid to waste, without a shred of greenery is the beginning of most post-apocalyptic movies and novels. Perhaps that is the most predominant fear in our subconscious mind. Over the last century and a half, we as a species have devastated the planet and have exploited its natural resources. Just a few
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This is an article by my friend Arun’s daughter Aditi. It’s refreshing to see young folks look at the brighter side of the lockdown and the positive impact it has had on Mother Earth.

While speaking to Tanya a day earlier I mentioned that “we are always given troubles/challenges only at a time when we can deal with them”. The Corona Virus is a classic example of that. Imagine the Spanish Flu that killed millions in the pre-Internet days – it would have been a nightmare for the people struggling to deal with the disease. Not knowing what was happening around the world, not knowing if their loved ones were safe.

Today, while the Corona Virus is deadly and is on a killing spree at least we know we are not alone in dealing with this, we get to know of efforts being made at every corner of the world to find a vaccine, we are able to share pictures and videos of the Earth healing itself and read these kind of positive articles by youngsters like Aditi. Video calls with your loved ones in any corner of the world helps you feel a sense of being around them and the distance melts away.

Just the fact that I was able to see Tanya sitting somewhere in the US gave me a boost of energy and a sense of deep connectedness.

Am sure we will overcome this pandemic but hopefully we would have learnt the lessons on sustainable development in the process.

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