Growing up Mom #4

Today we made our first trip of the year to Dr. Nehal Vora. Amma has been coughing really badly since last evening and she couldn’t sleep at all. Dr. Vora told her that its an allergic cough and that it had become an infection. She tried insisting that Amma should use a nebuliser but Mom … Read more Growing up Mom #4


The Gifts of Pollution …

Last Saturday, Nov 30th, I was supposed to be in Pune for my MBA batch’s annual reunion. I woke up with fever, cold and cough. The fever was so bad that I was almost clueless how the day went by. Obviously I canceled my trip. My mother made all sorts of herb decoctions and I … Read more The Gifts of Pollution …

Day Trip to Ljubljana & Lake Bled – part 2

Sept 19, 2019 – Lake Bled, Slovenia, Post Lunch Post lunch in Ljubljana, we drove down to Lake Bled which is about 55 kms away and it took us about 45 minutes to get there. Lake Bled is in the Julian Alps and has a tiny island in the middle. The island has a church … Read more Day Trip to Ljubljana & Lake Bled – part 2