Budhwar & Amma’s favorite Colour Green

Peelamedu Anjaneyar - Budhwar

Budhwar is dedicated to planet Mercury and the colour of the day is Green, Amma’s favourite colour. She is in a green saree today as well !

How Nature Has Healed During Lockdown and What We Can Do to Preserve It

A barren landscape laid to waste, without a shred of greenery is the beginning of most post-apocalyptic movies and novels. Perhaps that is the most predominant fear in our subconscious mind. Over the last century and a half, we as a species have devastated the planet and have exploited its natural resources. Just a few … Read more

The wedding saris – 2

Gayatri changed saris thrice during her wedding. First was a blue Paithani, then a purple coloured Benarasi “Shalu” sari that Jay’s parents gifted her and then the actual wedding sari was a yellow Benarasi brocade. For the evening reception Dinky wore an awesome “ghagra” and Geetu wore a film star like sequinned sari and I … Read more