The Commies are Coming – Stay Alert, Stay Alive

Bharat Mata

BEWARE – The Commies are coming and they are looking for Mihir Sens to form the foundation on which their regime can flourish once again. They are ably supported by extremists from every faith, the jehadis, the rice bag converters and the Dhimmi Hindus :(:(:(. 

Did you know what just happened ?

Coincidence, James Bond

Did you know what just happened? Justice Abhay Thipsay, close confidant of Rahul Gandhi and Congress party senior member, appeared in London Court as NIRAV MODI WITNESS. Justice Thipsay appeared on behalf of Nirav Modi to say ‘he did no wrong’. Nirav Modi defrauded Indian banks in a scam which started when Congress was in … Read more Did you know what just happened ?

Find a Cause, Rent an Activist :(:(

All over the world, activists pick on topical important issues and find ways to rally more people around their view. Many revolutions have been started by these activists and some of them have had outstanding results – change of regime in Egypt for instance. The revolution started on FB if I am not wrong and … Read more Find a Cause, Rent an Activist :(:(

Book Review #24/50 – If God was a Banker

As I mentioned in my review of Ravi Subramanian’s first book, I like his style of writing and I had already started reading this book as soon as I completed reading “The Bankster”. This book came out in 2007 and traces the careers of two IIM graduates Sundeep and Swami, from the time they join … Read more Book Review #24/50 – If God was a Banker

Book Review #23/50 – The Bankster

I borrowed this book on Kindle Unlimited nearly two months back but didn’t get around to reading it. I finally picked it up just a couple of days back. This is also the first book out of the several books that Ravi Subramanian has written that I am reading. Its a fast paced book and … Read more Book Review #23/50 – The Bankster

Forgotten Heroes – Subramania Bharathi

On Tuesday (Jan 21), we had been to Sampath Chitappa’s place, then my cousin Geeta’s place and finally met with Krishna and Murari who are more friends than cousins. They all live in Triplicane, around the Parthasarathyswamy Temple. We had to get some spices from the “Naatu Marundu” (desi spice store) kadai. We left Amma … Read more Forgotten Heroes – Subramania Bharathi

Book Review #22/50 – Who Painted my Money White ?

I read about this book on FB and then got a WhatsApp message with a video of the book launch. I definitely wanted to read this one. I wouldn’t exactly call it a political thriller because a lot of it is reality… and its actually a book that gives you a scare ! Its a … Read more Book Review #22/50 – Who Painted my Money White ?

Q3 2019 – End of an era !!

She became the Chief Minister of Delhi a few months after we landed here in 1997 and in 1999 while working with Clips, the one-stop office shop, I sold a study table to her for which payment was made promptly. She put an end to diesel/kerosene/whatever autos and the reckless Blue line buses and brought … Read more Q3 2019 – End of an era !!

Chidu’s Bail-gaadi halted ? Really ?

In an uncanny coincidence, I woke up today wanting to write a blog about V.O Chidambaram Pillai, a freedom fighter who gave his all for our independence and when we got back home at 4 pm today, the first thing Amma told us is that P.Chidambaram got arrested ! The news channel tickers go too … Read more Chidu’s Bail-gaadi halted ? Really ?