The Smog Smothers !

We went out for a short walk at 7.30 am thinking we were going late… and would avoid the heavy cover of smog. No dice ! Look at the pic below –

You can’t see any of the buildings beyond the gate 🙁

Also do try and find the Sun in the pic above ….. it’s struggling to peep through the smoke.

If the Punjab and Haryana farmers are burning stubble they are essentially wanting to snuff out life in Delhi. Am amazed that the same political party is in power in both Punjab and Delhi, and the stubble burning continues unabated.

As per this news article, daily stubble burning numbers were at about 100 at the start of October and it’s 430 now. Rise in Stubble burning.

I thought I will complete my 10000 steps by going for a walk around 10 am so that the Sun would have burnt some of the smog … no luck. See the pics below from our balcony –

The Sun is trying hard to burn through the smog … but it looks like the moon !!

I haven’t completed my quota of walking today … hopefully tomorrow is a better day and I can complete the backlog. Why is this stubble burning such a difficult thing to solve ? Aren’t the farmers who burn stubble Indians? How can they let fellow citizens suffer just to save some money ?

As if Punjab’s cancer train is not enough, it’s young children that are getting affected because of the smog. And Thugpurush cannot blame it anymore on the centre or Mr. Modi. With nearly half his team in jail for different reasons, he has to seriously think about his future.

For people like Krishnan and I who love the winters in Delhi NCR, dealing with the smog is no fun. Maybe we need to think about staying in some other city till the fire and the smoke clears.

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Modiji, Please help.

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