Happy Birthday Modiji

Every year since you formed the government and I registered on the NaMo App, I have got birthday wishes from you. This is the first year that you haven’t sent the birthday wishes and it happened to be my 50th, so I was a little disappointed !! I do hope you will make up for … Read more Happy Birthday Modiji


To all HMVs from an LMV

As the general elections of 2019 get closer, there is a sudden spurt in posturing, name-calling and vote gathering moves by all political parties. This is also an election that will be the proverbial last nail on the rotting coffin called the CONgress. A party that pays homage to one family and has no scruples … Read more To all HMVs from an LMV

Democracy’s new spelling – Demo-CON-Crazy

On Monday the man who will take oath in Kar-Natak-ah is someone whose party lost 116/222 seats they contested in. He is supported by a party whose history started undemocratically with the first Prime Minister of this country being nominated rather than elected… and the rest as they say is “HIStory”. By the time I … Read more Democracy’s new spelling – Demo-CON-Crazy

Why NaMo is different

How many countries can boast of a Prime Minister who wishes an unknown common citizen on his/her birthday ? India can. For the past three years, I have received birthday greetings from our Prime Minister, just because I am registered on his app. I know it’s technology that enables it, I know Mr, Modi doesn’t … Read more Why NaMo is different

Are you with the Armed Forces?

Dear Modiji, While you are bringing in a lot of positive changes and transforming India, I and many others like me, want you to focus on one major constituency of our population. Its the backbone of our country, its this constituent that ensures you and I remain Indians and its a neglected constituent. You would … Read more Are you with the Armed Forces?

I want reservation too !

This post is in solidarity with the Jat reservation and any other reservation related agitation.  The Jats need reservation – they have land, they don’t let girls be born, female infanticide is so high that the sex ratio is skewed, they have brought alive the ancient practice of polyandry that Draupadi was accused of, their … Read more I want reservation too !

Letters to the PM – 4. Double Devils that are eroding our demographic dividend

Dear ModiJi,  We are currently touring TamilNadu as part of our ShikshaDaan Yatra and we visited an amazing school called KalaiMagal High school at Sivakasi. It has nearly 8000 students, 300 teachers and 5 principals. It’s catering to several small villages around Sivakasi. We attended an event called “gift of education” which was being conducted … Read more Letters to the PM – 4. Double Devils that are eroding our demographic dividend