Discrimination in our DNA

An email and a Facebook post set me thinking about this. A friend of mine sent me an article from the Quint where some Darvidian outfit is planning to make a pig wear the “poonal” or sacred thread today to protest against Brahminism. Here’s the link to the article – TN outfit to Make Pigs Wear … Read more

I want reservation too !

This post is in solidarity with the Jat reservation and any other reservation related agitation.  The Jats need reservation – they have land, they don’t let girls be born, female infanticide is so high that the sex ratio is skewed, they have brought alive the ancient practice of polyandry that Draupadi was accused of, their … Read more

LGBT – Love, Goodness, Beauty Transformed

The Supreme Court has kept aside the HC order and has restored IPC 377, making homosexuality a criminal offence. The LGBT community is hugely disappointed and terribly upset. The politicians and (un)religious (un)learned speakers for major religions are now stuck with this problem to solve. They don’t have the balls or breasts to do it … Read more