Democracy’s new spelling – Demo-CON-Crazy

On Monday the man who will take oath in Kar-Natak-ah is someone whose party lost 116/222 seats they contested in. He is supported by a party whose history started undemocratically with the first Prime Minister of this country being nominated rather than elected… and the rest as they say is “HIStory”. By the time I … Read more

Anti-incumbency ? Anti-Model?

In Himachal Pradesh CONgress lost because there is anti-incumbency after just 5 years of rule … but in Gujarat BJP’s model for the past 22 years has failed. How sweet. Again, that permanently-in-pain Sanjay Jha is talking of BJP’s hubris … and the Gandhi dynasty has been the paragon of humility ?? Maybe he should … Read more

Responsibility of consequences

One of my PGPMAX batchmates forwarded this message on our whatsapp group and I laughed, enjoyed the joke, but also realised we get conned so easily. Even the well educated, urban folks get taken in by a nicely worded, well presented advertisement. Hats off to the advertiser’s creativity and very dear friends of ours are … Read more