Jan Dhan Yojana

The Jan Dhan Yojana is the World’s Largest Financial Inclusion Scheme! Something to be proud of as many poor countries are thinking of implementing something similar.

Mera Bharat Mahan !

Note – I upset a very dear friend with my choice of words in the first paragraph of this blog. I was very angry when I wrote this, but that’s no excuse. I am rewording the offensive paragraph. Apologies to all my friends and well wishers for the wrong choice of words and thanks to … Read more Mera Bharat Mahan !

Lamenting the loss of opportunities to Lament !!

We spent a week in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia in Sept. One of the days when we went on the walking tour, the tour guide pointed out to Cafe’s that dot every street and said, the national pastime in Croatia is drinking coffee and complaining. We all laughed politely but he made a good … Read more Lamenting the loss of opportunities to Lament !!

Howdy Modi ?…. All guns blazing !

Yesterday was the mega “Howdy Modi” event at Houston and Krishnan and I didn’t miss a minute of it. How could we ? Our rockstar PM was addressing the largest gathering of Indians outside of India ! When I met Americans through work for the first time in 2001, they didn’t know much about India. … Read more Howdy Modi ?…. All guns blazing !

India United – After 70 years of Independence !

Happy Independence Day ! It felt special, this Aug 15th because finally Jammu & Kashmir is truly a part of India. Article 370 and 35A ensured that J&K had a separate constitution and a separate flag besides being discriminatory to women and several other minorities. What’s fascinating is the reaction of some folks to these … Read more India United – After 70 years of Independence !

Celebrating the NaMo victory !

As news started trickling in on May 23rd of yet another Modi wave, we made preparations for our celebration. We were sure that BJP and Mr. Modi will win a comfortable majority so we started the day with tea in a saffron cup 🙂 Breakfast was millet khichadi, followed by OPOS Biriyani for lunch. Then … Read more Celebrating the NaMo victory !

This Day, That Year

Today is Krishnan’s birthday and we celebrated it with his favourite food and of course ice cream. He has stayed away from ice cream for almost six months now so a little indulgence is just fine. Mr. Modi made his day even more special by sending him birthday wishes on email …. and made me … Read more This Day, That Year

#WhyISupportModi #9 – Unmanned crossings

As I write this blog, six people have been killed in a derailment accident in Bihar two days back. Condolences to the families of the bereaved and its unfortunate that such an accident even happened. Am sure the Railways will find the root cause and fix the issue. With the general elections looming over us, … Read more #WhyISupportModi #9 – Unmanned crossings

#WhyISupportModi #8 – Padma Awards

One of the things that bothers and engages everyone in the world is reward and recognition. Somebody does outstanding work and no one recognises it, the person’s motivation just sinks but a pat on the back gets him/her energised. Government awards, Public awards like the Nobel prize etc are much coveted as they provide recognition … Read more #WhyISupportModi #8 – Padma Awards