What Right Leadership Does !

Leadership BRO Roads

Right leadership matters! Have taken two PSUs as an example, HCL and BRO. Their turnaround under the Modi Govt, is truly inspiring.

Mark Cuban Attributes His First $1 Million to Reading This Book | Inc.com

Long before you heard the name Mark Cuban, he drove a $200 car. — Read on http://www.inc.com/betsy-mikel/mark-cuban-attributes-his-first-1-million-to-read.html Very interesting read indeed. One of the important decisions of our lives was to become and be debt free before I would hit 50 years of age. This decision was taken when were a bankrupt couple, and I … Read more

How Fearless Organizations Succeed

As organisations go through change in tune with the external environment, or based on changes in the internal context, driven proactively or reactively, there is always fear amongst the employees. Fear of their uncertain future. The style of leadership combined with the culture in the organisation adds to the fear brought in by the organisational … Read more