Veera Vanakkam Gen Rawat 🙏🏿

Gen Rawat

People lined the streets of near Ooty to give a Veera Vanakkam to Gen Rawat as his body was being taken to the airport. Gen Rawat Amar Rahe !

Scindia – a troubled legacy

Holi this year seems to have drained the color off some faces and added a myriad hues to some other faces !! With Jyotiraditya Scindia meeting the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the BJP party President, its obvious that he is planning to join the BJP. That he was Rahul Gandhi’s “friend” made no difference … Read more

A Dose of Reality – In search of the miraculous

A couple of days back, while channel surfing just to pick the headlines, I saw this interview with the self-proclaimed God-woman Radhe Maa on the India Today channel. She was bizarre, spoke nonsense and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the interview beyond a few minutes… I am still wondering how Sahil Joshi, the interviewer … Read more

Are you with the Armed Forces?

Dear Modiji, While you are bringing in a lot of positive changes and transforming India, I and many others like me, want you to focus on one major constituency of our population. Its the backbone of our country, its this constituent that ensures you and I remain Indians and its a neglected constituent. You would … Read more

#ChennaiFloods – An ounce of prevention…

The information reached the relevant authorities well in advance but the “revolutionary” leader’s nod was awaited and since God Varuna doesn’t report to the “revolutionary” leader, he did his job on his scheduled time…. The sluice gates weren’t opened in time and Chennai paid the price – … An old retired couple drowned in their … Read more