Third time lucky!!

Yesterday we reached Thiruvananthapuram around 1.30 pm and took a taxi to our hotel, Swades My Home. The first thing that struck us was, Thiruvananthapuram seemed to be in some sort of time wrap … the roads were barely two lane and lots of potholes dotted the entire distance. Our driver gamely told us, the … Read more

Democracy’s new spelling – Demo-CON-Crazy

On Monday the man who will take oath in Kar-Natak-ah is someone whose party lost 116/222 seats they contested in. He is supported by a party whose history started undemocratically with the first Prime Minister of this country being nominated rather than elected… and the rest as they say is “HIStory”. By the time I … Read more

Loot, Shoot and Scoot – Siddu style !

Superstar Siddu is back in the news and how … Bangalore has had unprecedented rains, just like the unprecedented run of bad governance and our dear Superstar Siddu says in a press conference – “do you have any suggestions?”. Well, the journalist didn’t have any suggestions but I have several, starting with – “get lost”. … Read more