Are you a “practising” Hindu ?

Arjuna, Krishna, Giampaolo Tomassetti

Are you a “practising” Hindu ? Well, Am not. If I have to “Practise” something, its not Hinduism

Mera Bharat Mahan !

Note – I upset a very dear friend with my choice of words in the first paragraph of this blog. I was very angry when I wrote this, but that’s no excuse. I am rewording the offensive paragraph. Apologies to all my friends and well wishers for the wrong choice of words and thanks to … Read more Mera Bharat Mahan !

Jatayu – the symbol of women safety

We have recorded the episodes of OMG Yeh Mera India because it gives us a glimpse of several extraordinary achievements of ordinary Indians and very interesting locations to visit. The episode that we watched a few days back, showcased the world’s largest bird sculpture at Kollam, Kerala. Jatayu Earth’s Centre The background – All those … Read more Jatayu – the symbol of women safety

Genocide Review – The Last Girl

Do we really live in a modern world? Do we have governments elected by the people? Do we have trained armies protecting our borders? Are we truly free to follow any religion or God of our choice? What is the meaning of being civilised? If its not happening to me, do I care? Why can’t … Read more Genocide Review – The Last Girl

To all HMVs from an LMV

As the general elections of 2019 get closer, there is a sudden spurt in posturing, name-calling and vote gathering moves by all political parties. This is also an election that will be the proverbial last nail on the rotting coffin called the CONgress. A party that pays homage to one family and has no scruples … Read more To all HMVs from an LMV

Happy Diwali – Light lamps of truth, knowledge and immortality

I am a product of Kendriya Vidyalaya, the government run schools, that are especially for the armed forces and other folks whose parents are in transferable jobs. Everyday we had our morning prayers and a thought for the day.. I was remembering the prayer all day today because its so relevant to the times we … Read more Happy Diwali – Light lamps of truth, knowledge and immortality

A half truth is a whole lie ..

A dear friend of mine shared this blog/article by a New Zealander about why there is corruption in India. I did get angry as my friend must have, because this person has made some huge assumptions and passed it off as truths or facts. Today, I searched the internet and found out that this was … Read more A half truth is a whole lie ..