Am Ported to Jio :)

I don’t like the Reliance group and I don’t like the Ambani brothers – they haven’t personally affected me in any way but Mukesh Ambani building the “Antilla”, a 27 floor behemoth in the middle of Mumbai just doesn’t work for me. I don’t hold Reliance shares, I bought some briefly and then sold them … Read more Am Ported to Jio 🙂


Experience Review – Books of Sri M

When we stayed with Vidya and Anand in London, Vidya recommended this book titled “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master” by Sri M. I bought it on Kindle immediately but started reading it in Munich towards the end of our vacation. Over the last three weeks I have read three of his books – Well, Krishnan … Read more Experience Review – Books of Sri M

Customer Service – handling death

In the morning today, I got a call from Club Mahindra. The gentleman said he was calling from the Head Office. When I enquired what it was that he wanted to speak to Krishnan about, he said they have launched a great referral program and he wanted to explain its benefits. I told him that … Read more Customer Service – handling death

Celebrity Experience or Customer Experience ?

I have been a Big Basketeer long before Shah Rukh Khan became one… and its anyway quite a stretch to imagine that the King of Bollywood actually orders his own groceries, fruits and vegetables !!! But anyway, he promotes it and the promoters of Big Basket are burning big money for his endorsement. As a … Read more Celebrity Experience or Customer Experience ?

Delhi Police, with you, for you…always…

Not only do they claim but also did it! In our case. On the 25th of April, while we were returning from our meeting with the founding team at buddy4syudy, we were stopped by the Delhi Traffic Police near Arjangarh metro station close to Delhi’s border with Gurgaon, for overspeeding.  The traffic police officer not … Read more Delhi Police, with you, for you…always…

2% service charge – another victim

Anuj Srivastava, am bringing back the discussion that you started on Facebook almost a couple of months back. Yesterday, we got the Yeti serviced by Gurudev Motors in Chennai at their Arumbakkam service centre. First, the service coordinator never called us back to confirm when we should collect the car. Then, Krishnan called him when … Read more 2% service charge – another victim

An oxymoron called “Honey trap” !

In the past ten days I have heard of two suicides and both completely avoidable as many suicides are. I understand completely why someone would want to take their own lives and according to Newton Kondaveti most of us have committed suicide in one lifetime or the other. I don’t attach any stigma or pass … Read more An oxymoron called “Honey trap” !

Customer service – a good story !

It happened today and I wanted to make sure I record the good too !! I had called a Homestay, called Bansi Homestay, in Agra for an upcoming trip. The website didn’t allow me to book, so I sent in an enquiry and also called on the mobile numbers given. I didn’t get through on … Read more Customer service – a good story !

The Lala in the cabin

Yesterday there was a buzz in the TV channels about the Congress party meeting where it was expected that Rahul Rajiv was supposed to be made the President and the “vice” dropped from his designation. Well there is a popular saying in Sanskrit which says “Vinashakale Vipareeta Buddhi”, the English translation would be “when bad … Read more The Lala in the cabin